Environmental aspects

The committee wants to take into account environmental aspects of the GCC in France. Although we may not be able to reduce our carbon footprint to zero, several lines of action have been considered.

Food and wasteAfficher l'image d'origine

Concerning lunches, Germain, the caterer, will propose the lunches and the gala diner based only on local products (food and drink). Moreover, we have the support of Sud de France Développement, a mixed economy business corporation working for the Languedoc-Roussillon Region, for instance with selected wines of the region to go with the gala diner. Germain will also provide reusable dishes, glasses … and waste will integrate a recycling industry.


Most hotels are located within 10 min walking distance from the Corum, or accessible by tramway or bicycle. 

Greenhouse gas emissions

The main source of carbon emissions in a conference organization is the participants travel, in particular for an international meeting, but we can also add the energy used during the conference (lights, air conditioning, …). Some systems exist that propose to purchase carbon offsets to compensate for the greenhouse gas emissions caused by air travels for example. However, we are not able to estimate the real carbon cost well enough to effectively offset the conference. We also believe that it can be just as instructive to let attendees decide if they want to take those aspects into account. If you are interested in offsetting carbon emissions from this conference, please consider donating to one of the organisations below.

The project

There are plenty of foundations and projects. The projects are not only forest centric, but can also involve social, educational, health aspects or a mix of that. We didn’t explore all of them, but those which respect the Gold Standard are a good place to start. After a little survey within the organisation committee, we chose the Foundation myclimate and the project “Back to the Green Island with Solar and Efficient Stoves“ which aims to support the manufacture and distribution of climate-friendly solar and efficient cookers.

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How to participate

As an attendee, you can choose to give 5€ or 10€ during your registration to support this project. It’s up to you to decide.


Goodies, if we need them, should be reusable and serviceable.


Contact organising committee Contact organising committee

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